Young Friends of Gemelli

The Polyclinico Gemelli Hospital, Rome, Italy

Our mission is to provide the Polyclinico Gemelli Hospital of Rome with support for selected initiatives while promoting the well-being of patients, across a range of hospital departments through the work of young volunteers.

Our Work

We aim to support the unique patient-centric, holistic, and innovative approach of the Gemelli Hospital by focusing on special projects and funding the introduction of new technologies. We understand that the Gemelli Hospital budget may not allow for all the initiatives for patients that can be brought through private funding.  Therefore we created the Young Friends of Gemelli to fill this gap, looking for projects that will make a difference. Through the thoughtful use of technology, well-being, and arts, we hope to help underscore the patient-centered and family-focused environment that defines their stay in an atmosphere that will have a positive effect on their recovery and the way patients, families, staff, and community members view their experience at the Gemelli Hospital.

Toy Drive

In December 2022 the Young Friends of Gemelli initiated a Christmas Toy Drive to bring Christmas cheer and well-being to over 45 children who were spending the holidays in the pediatric department. Over three weeks over 300 toys and books were donated from school families and libraries. Just before Christmas, the Young Friends of Gemelli visited the Gemelli Hospital pediatrics department where they were met by the director who assisted them in meeting and distributing the toys to patients from the ages of 2 to 17 years of age.

We also discussed the future children's activity and well-being room that we are conceiving for the Gemelli Hospital Pediatrics department. The Gemelli Junior Board will assist in raising further funds as well as toy and book contributions, to create a space where young patients and their families can spend time together in an environment of well-being and play during their medical stay

Library Corner and Activity Centre

We also provided the hospital with the books and educational toys necessary to create a corner library and activity centre with the purpose of giving the young hospitalized children the opportunity to read, play and share time together with their families in a playful, light environment during their medical stay. The project is awaiting clearance due Covid restrictions.

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New Technology: Cold Cap and Cooling System

In December 2023, we committed to bringing a new and important technology to cancer patients at the Gemelli Hospital, the cold cap and scalp cooling system. This equipment helps patients mitigate hair loss at Gemelli ART (the Radiation Oncology Department of Policlinico Gemelli during chemotherapy. We realized that hair loss which often accompanies chemotherapy marks a patient's lives deeply and reduces their ability to respond positively to treatments. We raised $34.000 for this technology through a GoFundMe action and then sought private matching funds from leading Italian corporations. And now, upon the successful completion of this project, we are pleased to give the opportunity to the patients that have to undergo these therapies to preserve their image, maintain their self-esteem, and increase resilience.

Breast Milk Drive

We are planning to collaborate with the hospital to develop a breast milk bank where young volunteers will participate in the picking up and delivery of breast milk from donors around the city under the safety measures regulated by the hospital. For babies who receive donor milk, it is a precious resource, and babies who benefit most are very premature babies (born at 28 weeks or less), babies weighing less than 1500 grams at birth, or babies who have had surgery on their intestines.

MAXXI Museum Partnership: Inspiring Hope, Inspiring Healing

We continue to research innovative ways to bring well-being, education, and personal growth into the medical environment. We are currently collaborating with Professor Vincenzo Valentini to bring the Maxxi Museum to the Gemelli Hospital. Work is being done with the artists, curators, the Maaxi and hospital to install unique video art. This program will strive to complement and support holistic patient care and healing through the curative power of art. The arts also reflect the diversity of Italy's artistic community and history, creating connections through shared human experience.


Gemelli Hospital

The Gemelli Hospital is considered one of the largest private university hospitals in Europe and number one in Italy.

MAXXI Museum

The MAXXI Museum is home to the leading contemporary art and architecture collection in Rome, making it one of the largest and most important visual arts exhibition spaces in Italy.


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